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Administration in Hospet

Hospet is one of the major developing cities in Bellary District, Karnataka. Bellary is a district under the administrative control of Gulbarga division and jurisdiction of Hyderabad - Karnataka Development Board (HKDB). Initially, Hospet had the Town Municipal Council (TMC) which was then upgraded to the City Municipal Council (CMC). The City Municipal Council of Hospet has 35 wards and councilors. Earlier, all the public complaints were through phone or hard copy and so there was difficulty in tracking and handling the complaints. To address this issue, the administrative body of Karnataka introduced the 24/7 Public Grievance Redressal System in the Urban Local Bodies of Karnataka, where the citizens can post their complaints online.

Administration in Hospet

Administrative Structure of Hospet

Government Officials in Hospet

The Karnataka Department constituted the Urban Development Authority in 1996. The functions of the City Improvement Board as well as the City Planning Authority together constitute this Urban Development Authority. The responsibilities of the Authority includes improving infrastructure facilities such as underground drainage, drinking water, roads, and so on. The Authority is mainly responsible for planning and development of the city. The Authority has allotted many residential sites to individuals as well as more than 42 sites for civic reforms.

Government Departments in Hospet

  • General Administration Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Revenue Department
  • Rural Development and Panchayath Raj
  • Town Planning Department
  • Finance Department
  • Education Department
  • Women and Child Welfare Department

Officials in Hospet and Their Contacts

: Sri.Anand Singh
Assistant Commissioner: STD Code: 08394, Office Ph: 232209, Residence Ph: 432233
Tahsildar: STD Code: 08394, Office Ph: 224208, Residence Ph: 228689
Taluk Panchayath Executive Officer: STD Code: 08394, Office Ph: 231753, 231063, Residence Ph: 234240

Hospet Council Members
: Kanne Umadevi (Ward No: 34)
Vice President: Gousiya (Ward No: 17)
Councilor: Mallikarjun.P (Ward No: 1), Anjini.V (Ward No: 2), Nagalakshmamma (Ward No: 3), Ramanjineya (Ward No: 4), Roopesh Kumar.N (Ward No: 5), Venu Gopal.D (Ward No: 6), Kullayappa.G (Ward No: 7)

Thus, Hospet city's Administration is involved in such various activities on a continual basis to provide their best services to the citizens of the city.

Other Governmental Initiatives

The Public Grievance Redressal System (PGR Cell)
The Public Grievance Redressal System was introduced to enable the public to post their complaints and also find out the status of their complaints easily. This system was also introduced to prevent delay in resolution of public problems and to ensure that they are resolved on time. The main motive behind introducing this system was to analyze and find out the trend of complaints, i.e, which type of public problem occurs the most frequently and which location is the one with the most issues. This system is fully computerized and the administrative body of Hospet uses tools such as GIS reports and pie-charts to ensure the effectiveness of the system.

The administrative body of Hospet also takes the following additional steps to handle public grievances systematically:
  • Utilizing NGOs for the 24/7 maintenance of the PGR cell.
  • Using methods to auto-assign as well as forward public complaints in order to resolve them in a better manner
  • Providing proper and adequate training to the concerned authorities

Benefits of the PGR Cell

The PGR Cell introduced by the Administrative body of Hospet has a lot of advantages. Now, the complaints of the citizens are solved in a faster and a more organized way. Another important point to be mentioned is that the complaint resolution is monitored on a state level. Through this system, now, there is also the facility to escalate complaints to higher authorities when the person who lodged the complaint is dis-satisfied with the response.

The e-procurement Portal

The Administrative body of Hospet also maintains a portal for tender submission. This online portal is called the e-procurement portal. This portal makes tender submission easier for the citizens.

Administration in Hospet

Rain Water Harvesting

A very important reform by the Hospet Administration is Rain Water Harvesting. Water Conservation is an important step for solutions to the issues concerning water. We should use only as much water as we require. Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), which is employed by the Hospet Administration, is a step taken to conserve water. It is the process of collecting, conveying and storing water from rainfall in any area or even storing water underground for beneficial use.