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Arts and Crafts in Hospet

Some people in Hampi whose ancestors were artisans of the great monuments in Hampi, pursue artistic work till now. In Hampi, many beautiful arts and handicrafts are being bought with interest by the tourists. Especially, during the major festivals in Hampi like Hampi Utsav, Virupaksha Car festival, Vittala temple and so on, these arts and crafts are sold at a cheap rate before temples. Moreover, many educational institutions contain craft education as an essential part of their syllabus and they conduct workshops for students by bringing famous design artisans from Hampi. Their main objective is to bring about innovation in the minds of young students in the area of art and craft.

Traditional Attire of Hospet

The Banjara women's ancient form of dress was the most colorful and involved extensive work more than any other tribal costume. The Lambani women adopted a unique mirror and embroidery style to make their traditional dresses, especially their wedding costumes. The Lambani embroidery contains cross stitching, mirror work, and overlaid stitches with borders of “Kangura” patchwork on either red or dark blue handloom fabric. This Lambani Embroidery also known as Banjaras is very popular in Hampi. Such products with wonderful embroidery, textures and style are very popular with tourists.

Lambani embroidery is done using 13 different colours, with red and blue being the most common. Either cotton khadi or power loom fabric is used as the base cloth and this is dyed locally, in co-operation with the local small scale industry. Lambani embroidery's fame has now reached all over the world with the export of subtly coloured cushion covers and bed sheets. However, the intricately embroidered bags in flashing colours remain the favourite among tourists.

Music and Dance Classes in Hospet

Dance and Music Classes in Hospet

Hospet, being a cultural center, has many of its people with inclination towards arts. Various forms of art such as music and dance are given importance here and taught formally.

The following are the music and dance classes near Hospet:

Mesmerizer Dance Academy
Address: 7th Cross, M J Nagar, 100 Bed Hospital Road, Hospet
Phone: +(91)-9741555157, 9008474389
Hours: Monday-Sunday: 09:30am to 09:00pm except Thursday

Dreams Dance Academy
Address: 3rd Cross, M J Nagar, 100 Bed Hospital Road, Hospet
Phone: +(91)-9035097104, 9980429729
Hours: Monday-Sunday: 09:30am to 09:00pm except Thursday

Rhythm 2 Dance and Skating Classes
Address: 2nd Floor Of Dr. Diwakar`s Dental Care Building, Opposite Hoysala Hotel, Anantapur Road, Bellary
Phone: +(91)-8951347516, 9844271881

Alfa School Of Music
Address: Bellary
Phone: +(91)-9481182646   
Hours: Saturday: 09:30am to 06:30pm

Theaters in Hospet

Apart from art and craft, a majority of the population in Hospet enjoys watching movies during their leisure. Hence, many movie theaters are built all over the city.

The following are some of the movie theaters in Hospet:

Bala Theater
Address: Hampi Road, Hospet

Sangam Theatre
Address: Kamalapur Road, Hospet

Laxshmi Theater
Address: J.N Road, Hospet

Meeralam Theater
Address: Bellary Road, Hospet

Saraswati Theater

Address: J.N Road, Hospet

Auditoriums in Hospet

The people of Hospet enjoy take part in many traditional art and cultural activities. There are various auditoriums in Hospet to serve these varied purposes of art and culture.

The following is a famous auditorium in Hospet:

I.M.A Auditorium
Phone: +(91)-8532-226608

Thus, to learn more about art and handicrafts, Hospet and Hampi are the perfect spots. The best shopping you can do in Hospet shops or Hampi bazaar is for local handicrafts. Craft lovers always feel thrilled and excited when they visit Hampi due to the different beautifully designed crafts here.

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