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Business and Economy of Hospet

Hospet's major economy is obtained from mining. Apart from that, rapid industrialization is also seen here. In Hospet, there are 2974 Industrial segments providing employment to about 15,000 people. Recently, iron-ore mining business has grown drastically in the city. Another reason for the abundant mining in Hospet is the worldwide demand for iron-ore, especially from China.

Industries in Hospet

Mining in Hospet

Hospet is widely famous for the mining of iron ore, a majority of which goes to the international market especially China. There are a number of small and large mines, managed by government and autonomous bodies. Most of the miners are the local villagers who come from surrounding areas to earn their livelihood. The mined iron is further extracted into various sub-products like iron oxides, metallic iron and steel. These days, the management pays extra care towards the health of their workers by providing free check up camps and other medical facilities.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO is the process of hiring an organization to handle another organization's business. Initially, BPOs were used to handle payroll process alone but now, they handle many non-core business activities including employee benefits management.

The following are the BPOs in Hospet and their contact details:

Name: Ideal Groups
Phone: +(91)-9449445508

Name: First Title
Address: 93, Nissani Camp, Behind TB Board Hospital, TB Dam

Name: S.K. Chandra
Phone: 08953498144

Concen Tek is another well known BPO in Hospet.

Infrastructure in Hospet

The city of Hospet is fast-developing. It is a city which sees growth in every aspect, including industries, companies, buildings and also roads. A huge cost of 1700 crore has been spent by the National Highway department to build a stretch of NH-13 (99 km). Many important buildings have been built for business as well as public purpose. Power supply has also grown in a great way in Hospet.

Power Supply Providers in Hospet

The following are some of the DC Power Supply manufacturers in Hospet:

Name: Swastik Laser Technologies
Phone: +(91)-9824310451, 9825506258

Name: Innovative Technologies
Phone: +(91)-80-23495604, +(91)-9945818915

Name: Parma & Parma India Pvt Ltd
Phone: +(91)-11-66730179

Name: Cambridge Instruments
Phone: +(91)-33-66246038

Name: Kusam Electrical Industry
Phone: +(91)-22-49186204

Thus, the Business and Economy of Hospet grows rapidly due to its different industries. Due to its different industrial sectors and their development, Hospet is a city which is expected to develop at a quick rate.