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Food in Hospet

One of the best factors which defines tourism of a place is it's cuisine. You can find some of the best restaurants in Hospet, with local food as their specialty. Rice is the staple food of the people of Hospet. Rice is prepared in various manners giving it different flavors. The side food dishes for rice are also of various types. Most of these side dishes are thick, in gravy form. People travel from all over India to visit Hospet for its historical heritage and also for its specialized local dishes.

Food in Hospet

Special Delectable Dishes in Hospet


Chitranna is prepared using rice with lime juice. Typically, rice is added to a vegetable mixture called Gojju. This Gojju is prepared by usual seasoning with mustard seeds, garlic, turmeric powder and chillies. To the seasoning, lemon or soft mango scrapes are added. The dish is garnished with fried groundnuts and coriander leaves, adding to the spicy flavour. There are many different kinds of Chitranna depending on the ingredients.


Vangibath is a very desirable dish in Hospet. It is prepared with rice and mixed spices. Egg plant is used in its preparation. This dish is usually made for breakfast. Primarily, long green brinjal and vangibath powder are its main ingredients and they give it a unique taste. Vangibath can also be prepared using methi leaves. Recipe also includes many spices, explaining its spicy and delicious taste.



Pulliyoigrae is another famous dish in Hospet. It is known and enjoyed for its sour and spicy taste. It is prepared with rice flavored with tamarind juice which gives the main taste to it. The garnishing is done with groundnuts and makes it even more tasty. This dish is mostly eaten as a snack and is also good for picnics.

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a very popular traditional dessert in Hospet. This is made using grated carrots which cooked with butter and then milk is added to it. Cardomom is another important ingredient which gives the halwa its delicious flavour.

Moong dal Halwa

Moong dal Halwa is another famous sweet in Hospet. As the name implies, this sweet is made using Moong dal. This dish is considered very healthy too, and helps in keeping a person's body warm and so it is consumed mostly during winter. It takes a good time for preparation. Saffron is one of the ingredients as it gives out a pleasant smell and taste.

Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi Bele Bath is a dish which originated in Karnataka. This delicious dish tastes somewhat similar to the sambhar rice of Tamil Nadu. It is prepared using rice, tamarind, dry coconut and lentils. The unique and spicy taste is due to spicy masala, toor dhal, chilli powder and vegetables which are added to it.

Soppina Huli or Saaru

Saaru is a very popular side dish in Hospet. It is mainly used along with rice. Sarru is thick broth made with lentils and edible green leaves.

Ragi Muddae

Ragi or finger millet has a lot of calcium content in it. So, Ragi Muddae is an extremely healthy dish which is made using steamed finger millet powder. This powder is made into balls. This popular dish is consumed with either chutney or saaru as side dish.

Chole Bhature

This traditional dish is a combination of fried bread and chole. The fried bread is called Bhatoora and hence the name of the dish. This dish is mainly had for breakfast and is heavy. Since it is a heavy dish, it is generally accompanied by lassi.

Chole Bhature

Puri Aloo

Puri Aloo is prepared using puffed bread and spicy potatoes. The consistency of this dish is thick. It contains spice powders, carom seeds and mango powder. This dish is very heavy and so it is mostly consumed on weekends.

Apart from the special delicacies there are few bakeries and restaurants in the city where you can enjoy amazing meals;

Bakeries in Hospet

Be it a birthday or any other celebration, cakes are an essential part of the enjoyment. Hence, the business of bakeries is booming all over in every place. Similarly, Hospet has a wide range of bakeries.
Some of the well known bakeries in Hospet are;

Name: SJR Iyengars Bakery
Shanbhag Circle

Name: Sri Rama Bakery And Sweets
Main Bazaar

Name: Malnad Cake & Cafe
College Road

Name: Sangam Bakery
Kamalapur Road

Name: Nirmala Bakery
Hampi Road

Wine Shops in Hospet

Name: Kavitha Wine Stores

Name: Wine Shop
: Bellary

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