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Hospet City Municipal Council

Hospet City Municipal Council

Hospet is one of the fast growing and developing cities in Bellary District, Karnataka and has a sound administration system in place. This major city initially had the Town Municipal Council (TMC) constituted in 25/01/1913 as the administrative body. The Town Municipal Council (TMC) was then upgraded to the City Municipal Council (CMC) on 22/02/1954. The City Municipal Council of Hospet has 35 wards and an equal number of councilors, with the total area extending to 50.92sq.km

Duties of Hospet City Municipal Council

Hospet City Municipal Council aims at promoting transparency in the affairs of public authorities, eradicating corruption and establishing a government where citizens can have easy access to information. It is also the duty of the Hospet City Municipal Council to allow public participation in various administrative functions. Moreover, the Hospet City Municipal Council ensures the practical working of the right to information rule, for every citizen to access information easily. There are special acts stressing mandatory disclosure of certain government information which helps in strengthening transparent culture. Making government information accessible to the citizens also promotes the citizens' active involvement in governance.

Hospet City Municipal Council Members

The following are the Hospet City Municipal Council Members:

Smt. Nirmala Muniraj
Designation: President
Phone: 9845216828
Ward No: 11

Sri. Somashekar (Babu)  
Designation: Vice president  
Phone: 9845261633
Ward No: 3

Sri. Janardan  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9845248124
Ward No: 1

Smt. Prem Kumari  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9901054883
Ward No: 2

Sri. P. Jayaram  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9916912196
Ward No: 4

Smt. Ratnamma 
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9808439980
Ward No: 5

Sri S.R. Ravi Kumar  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9945082477
Ward No: 6

Smt. Krishna Kumari  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9945496419
Ward No: 7

Sri. Narayana Swamy  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9900823828
Ward No: 8

Sri. Manjunath  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9880264221
Ward No: 9

Smt. Aswatamma  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9986076734
Ward No: 10

Sri. Ravindra G.A  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9845572228
Ward No: 12

Sri. Vasanth Babu  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9845193132
Ward No: 13

Sri. Sathish Kumar Y.C  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9845211937
Ward No: 14

Smt. Hamsa  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9448882866
Ward No: 15

Sri. Hanumanthappa .V  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9448703351
Ward No: 16

Sri. G. Venugopal  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9880052285
Ward No: 17

Sri. Srinivas  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9880415727
Ward No: 18

Smt. Ananth Kumari  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9740182365
Ward No: 19

Padmavatamma. V  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9901335144
Ward No: 20

Smt. Kasturi  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9880451749
Ward No: 21

Sri. R. Kumar  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9844417090
Ward No: 22

Sri. Nanjundappa K.V  
Designation: Councillor  
Phone: 9845806647
Ward No: 23

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  • P
    Prabhu gm from Hospet Chittaranjan 88 Days ago

    worst dringe at Sai ram badavane pl come see the situation of drinage. Immediately attack the genghu no one can care our council is not taking care pl .. urgent matter

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  • M
    Meghala from Vivekananda Nagar 499 Days ago

    Vivekananda Nagar front of N.H office no street light from 20days,no action has been taken. Do the needful

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  • m
    manju from hospet 560 Days ago

    i want chiddandappa

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  • s
    shahnaz begum from hospet 960 Days ago

    We are facing many problems related to the drainage and the road. Please check it or u may contact me on 7795999350

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    Yogeshfrom Mumbai 644 Days ago

    Please give taxtcollectors hospehohomunciMunichwith visiblviviscell number

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